Best Medical Imaging In Redding


Advanced Imaging was designed and built with respect – respect for our patients, respect for our colleagues, and respect for our community. All of our patients come to us because they are having a problem. If you come to our office we know you’re worried, and we respect your feelings. Our staff are all hand-picked for kindness and compassion. We put your needs first. We even made the parking spaces in the parking lot nice and roomy, so it’s easy to get in and out. If you’re not feeling well we want to make it as easy as possible for you.

Best Medical Imaging In Redding

Respect for the community we are honored to serve.

As you look around our office you’ll see that the ceiling lamps in the waiting room are reminiscent of wagon wheels, showing our respect to the brave pioneers who started this proud community. The lights on the walls have a water ripple pattern, connecting us to the Sacramento River, which flows though the heart of our community, bringing us life. Look for them when you come to visit us.

Our CT and MRI scanner rooms are beautiful and spacious which leads to a sense of well-being. Both rooms have windows, living plants and comforting artwork, which contribute to a feeling of calm and happiness.

Speaking of the MRI scanner, it’s a 3 Tesla scanner, the newest and most advanced available. It makes the sharpest pictures possible and is faster than weaker scanners. When we put it in, it was the only one between San Francisco and Portland, leading the way in advanced imaging in the North State. It would have been less expensive to install an average scanner, but out of respect for our patients and our medical colleagues, we chose the very best.

At Advanced Imaging everywhere you look you will see that we do things the best way, out of respect for you and for your health.