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Head injury Treatment In Redding

Head Trauma

No one likes to think about head trauma happening to them or someone they love.

Head injury Treatment In Redding

With imaging technology we are able to see effects of head trauma, concussion, and injury in the brain, and are able to alert doctors to the need for treatment.

Head injuries, such as a concussion or other traumatic brain injury, can be the result of a sudden event (such as an accident) and have dramatic consequences. Other head injuries, such as chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), can occur over time through repeated blows to the head, often as a result of long-term participation in contact sports or similar activities. Because of the nature of the injury, CTE can have similar symptoms to Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia.

Given the immense complexity of the human brain, medical imaging has had relatively limited success (compared to imaging used in other parts of the body) identifying the effects of traumatic injury in the brain – even when physical factors such as dizziness, disorientation, nausea and fatigue are present.

That said, imaging technology is continually improving, and today, we are able to see certain effects of head trauma (even when it has occurred in the past) that alert doctors to the need for continued treatment. One example of this may be evidence of tiny blood products caused by an old injury. This kind of evidence of can shed light on what’s going on with people days, months and even years after the trauma occurs.

If you’ve experienced recent or past head trauma and are concerned about your health, discuss your symptoms with your health care provider, and if you need imaging, please ask for Advanced Imaging. We’re here to serve you.