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Low Back Pain Treatment In Redding

Low Back Pain

Does your back hurt? If it does, you’re not alone – 2/3 of adults will have low back pain at some time in their lives, and for some it never seems to stop. Most back pain will respond to rest, physical therapy, muscular strengthening and other forms of conservative (non-surgical) treatment. If you have had conservative management that hasn’t solved the problem, it might be time to take a look and see what’s inside.
MRI For Back PainThe best way to understand the inner workings of the low back is Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

MRI For Back Pain

MRI uses magnetic fields and radio waves to make pictures of the inside of the human body. It does not use any x-rays. Our scanner is a 3-Tesla scanner, the most powerful scanner available for human imaging. It makes exceptionally sharp pictures and is much faster than average scanners. Everyone who gets an MRI at Advanced Imaging gets it on the most powerful and accurate scanner made.

What kind of things can we find when we do MRI? The most common disorder is a disc protrusion, which can push directly on nerves in the spine. The pressure on the nerves can cause pain, which often radiates into the legs. Compressed nerves can also lead to muscular weakness.

Sometimes we find small fractures in the bones of the vertebrae (spondylolysis). Those small fractures can cause pain that is often relieved by a spinal fusion. The nerves enter and exit the spinal canal via small passages called neural foramina. Those passages can be narrowed by degenerative change, which compress the nerves, potentially causing pain and weakness. There are also many other low back abnormalities that can be imaged effectively and accurately with MRI.

If you have back pain that won’t go away in spite of therapy, it might be time to consider an MRI. Discuss the matter with you health care provider, and if you need imaging, please ask for Advanced Imaging. We’re ready so serve you.