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Quality Imaging In Redding,

The Price Of Imaging Studies

Why it Helps to Shop Around

Medical care isn’t something we’re used to shopping for. We go to the doctor, pay the necessary fees and consider the price of care non-negotiable. In the case of imaging, however, patients do have a choice.

Quality Imaging In Redding,

Price isn’t always the only consideration, comfort, availability, and quality matter.

When an imaging study is needed for your care, your doctor will usually provide you with a list of practices that offer the service, and a referral for the study. Once you have a referral, it’s up to you to determine what practice you’ll work with. This is a good thing since costs for studies can often vary widely from practice to practice.

For example, costs for routine MRI or CT imaging in some Northern California practices can be 3-4 times higher than those found in neighboring practices…for the same service. Reasons for this vary, but cost differences are usually attributable to the needs of the individual medical practice, reimbursement rates for their geographic area and specialized equipment or technology being offered.

Once you have been given your referral, we recommend contacting a few different practices in your area to inquire about cost for services. Bear in mind, however, that price isn’t always the only consideration when choosing what practice to go with. Your level of comfort with the practice, availability of appointments and the overall quality of services offered, should all be factored into your decision-making process.

You have a choice when it comes to selecting an imaging provider. If you need imaging, please contact our office to learn more about what we have to offer.